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About ADEX

Mission Statement

We believe in our mission to revolutionise digital marketing with our combined solutions for data management, verification and marketplace. We always bear mind our three central ideas about how to develop our products to create the best results for our customers.

We enable …

… unlimited access to the fascinating and sometimes overwhelming world of data management, the enormous amount of sharable data on marketplaces, and the various ways of verification. Personalised for your needs we create the most sophisticated approach to a holistic, data-driven marketing environment to rule them all.

We ensure …

… results, safety and confidentiality for every individual partner and their data based on the highest understanding of accountability. In our view data is the most precious benefit ever in the digital economy – and we possess the skill, proficiency and business intelligence to protect it.

We embrace …

… every opportunity given by the market and its current development to offer the best services to our clients and develop the most valuable technical system to welcome you on board as a contented part of our constantly growing “data family” with its diversity of passionate people, nationalities and skills.


If you see yourself in these maxims and want to act in them, feel free to have a look at our vacant positions!