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Meet us there | the ADEX

Meet us there – February 2019

01. February 2019

We are regularly attending events, conferences and fairs to stay in contact with our existing customers or to connect with interested parties. In February 2019 you can meet us here...

Manuel Meiborg | CTO, The ADEX

The ADEX expands management with Manuel Meiborg

29. January 2019

We are proud to announce that The ADEX has expanded its top management. In addition to our founder and CEO Dino Bongartz, Manuel Meiborg is part of the management since January 1st.

Preview 2019 | The ADEX

Preview 2019 by The ADEX

10. December 2018

Finding the best strategy for a business always depends on the recent and upcoming development of the market and the resources that are available within a company. In this article we took some time to summarize what will happen in terms of data technology, MarTech, AI and explicitly within The ADEX the next 12 months.

Review 2018 | The ADEX

Review 2018 by The ADEX

06. December 2018

The year 2018 has been our best year (so far) and we believe our strategy and consistent path have paid off. Especially regarding the ruling topic GDPR, we have been well prepared in terms of data protection and data security and saved our clients from descending into data chaos. Other than that, we released many new features that will change the game for us and our clients – thanks to all partners and customers for being on this journey with us!

Data Sharing & Data Sales

Is Data Sales compliant with GDPR?

29. November 2018

We enable application security for our customers and partners. We wanted to ensure to provide our users of The ADEX Data Management Platform and The ADEX Marketplaces with powerful yet application secure data sharing & sales. Therefore, we are the first European specialist in data management and marketplaces to have undergone a privacy assessment of our platform setup by independent experts and certification specialists.

Coopeation | the ADEX & AppNexus

The ADEX integrates with AppNexus

27. November 2018

We are proud to announce that, through an integration with the AppNexus technology platform, data partners of The ADEX can now market their data through the marketplace of AppNexus, a Xandr company. For cooperation, AppNexus provides a reporting interface for simplified billing that will benefit customers of both GDPR compliant companies. In addition, target group segments of The ADEX's data partners can be exported directly to AppNexus' open marketplace and private marketplaces and used for data-driven ad serving.

Mozilla | Firefox Tracking Prevention

Firefox Tracking Prevention 2019

26. November 2018

In late August 2018 Mozilla announced to introduce a so-called tracking prevention in Firefox. Thereby Firefox wants to prevent 3rd-party tracking methods in the future. This applies to all kinds of 3rd party cookies as well as other detection mechanisms such as fingerprinting methods, which aim to uniquely identify a client or a user. So far, the Firefox tracking prevention is planned to be released by the end of January 2019 (Firefox version 65).


What is a DMP?

23. November 2018

First of all, “DMP” is the abbreviation for data management platform. In conclusion this means whenever you need to handle a lot of data you need a system to manage the respective information – the idea aka. concept of a DMP is born.

Meet us There

Meet us there – November 2018

29. October 2018

We are regularly attending events, conferences and fairs to stay in contact with our existing customers or to connect with interested parties. In November 2018 you can meet us here...


The 6 core functions of a DMP

25. October 2018

2018 | In the year of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the market experienced a huge uncertainty in terms what you can and should expect of a data management platform (DMP). This infographic will clarify what you can expect.