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D3con 2019 | Here we come!

The future of digital advertising

Today programmatic advertising is the operating system that enables modern digital marketing strategies and unifies the control and measurement of all marketing channels. Marketing automation and marketing AI are the trends that will make the complexity of the new marketing world manageable in the future. At d3con 2019, you will meet leading experts and service providers as well as advertisers, agencies and publishers who will address these issues and their respective challenges.

Moderation and panels

There are just a few weeks left till d3con 2019 officially starts. If you haven´t had the chance to schedule an appointment don´t worry! We will be moderating some panels and workshops. Find out where you can listen to us:

  • 11:45 Unternehmer-Panel (Stage II), Dino Bongartz
  • 13:30 In preparation (Workshop), Jana Moran
  • 14:15 Cost per View & Video Completion: Die neue digitale Währung? (Workshop), Anna Rossmanith
  • 15:30 in preparation (Workshop), Michael Schöning
  • 16:15 User Journey Analyse mit Hilfe von Rekurrenten Neuronalen Netzen, Prof. Dr. Burkhardt Funk (Workshop), Anna Rossmanith
  • 17:00 Innovation-Track (Main Stage), Dino Bongartz


If you are interested to talk to us, just write an email to We are keen to meet and see you at d3con 2019! 🙂