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Department Day

Ever wondered what working within a client service team is all about? “Department Day” will give you insights about all aspects regarding our teams, departments and their tasks at The ADEX. This time Anna will tell us about her daily business as Team Lead Key Account Management.

You are working as a Team Lead Key Account Management at The ADEX. Which tasks belong to your job? Are there any challenges you have to face?

My main task is the daily communication with clients – jour fix calls, web demonstrations of our systems, workshops and meetings. This also results into a lot of talking with our product team and developers to explain the clients wishes. Other than that I help my clients to understand the way we collect data, what kind of data is useful for them to collect, how to segment and export their data. Furthermore they have a lot of ideas to improve our DMP according to their needs. Of course, I do my best to let them become real.
Whether my clients are advanced technicians or marketing people: I want to give my clients the feeling that they can ask me everything – there is never ever a dumb question. All in all, a key account manager is the connecting link between a customer and development, so it is important to think about how to transport certain information to the other party. Within my team we have regular meetings about the challenges we face and how we can support each other.

Anna, you have been at The ADEX for a while. Please describe your daily routine after all this time.

A tricky question to answer since most of the time clients dictate my routine. But in general I start my day checking emails. After that I have jour fix calls with my clients followed by fulfilling the resulting todos. Threfore I am frequently in contact with our product team to push my clients topics in our roadmap. Other than that I answer support tickets within our system Jira. Our credo: Every client should receive an answer on the same day or within two hours if there is an urgent task.

I am constantly in contact with my colleagues to accomplish this time-critical requirement. The questions we get are pretty diverse. It can be a simple mapping request or a general question regarding our DMP or a new feature wish. The rest of the day differs a lot: Sometimes I have to prepare a workshop or a QBR meeting, sometimes I show our DMP to new possible clients or I help building segments, check websites to ensure our script is implemented correctly, talk to the product team about new features etc.

Is there any advice you would like to give interested parties for a job within key account management? 

You need to have both – a passion for working with people and a passion for technical issues. You need to be patient – development is not done within a few hours and clients tend to ask you the same things quite often. So, never loose your patience and never loose the joy of working with people with different backgrounds.

How does the client service team organize themselves within The ADEX? Do you interchange regularly?

We have a team call every Tuesday, where we discuss the latest topics we have with each of our clients. At least once a month we have a big team meeting in our headquarter in Berlin, where we sit together with the management, marketing and product team to give each other an overview about the latest development within each department. The remaining time we stay in contact via different communication channels such as Slack to coordinate our several offices.

In your role constant education, trainings and self-improvement are necessary for doing your job. Which leads us to the question: What does The ADEX offer in terms of education? How do you rely on/ adopt new trends within the digital tech market?

I learn a lot about the market by talking to clients or visiting certain trade fairs such as DMEXCO. Other than that The ADEX offers every employee a monthly contingent for education that is free to use. That´s why I was able to attend a workshop about “leadership as a woman” which was really interesting and enhanced some of my soft skills, for sure.

Last but definitely not least: Why do you think someone interested in key account management should want to work for The ADEX?

Because one day is never like the other. Even though you might think that you now know everything about working with a DMP, there are new features and challenges every day. You never stop learning!


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