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Firefox Tracking Prevention 2019

Our comment about the Firefox Tracking Prevention

In late August 2018 Mozilla announced to introduce a so-called tracking prevention in Firefox. Thereby Firefox wants to prevent 3rd-party tracking methods in the future. This applies to all kinds of 3rd party cookies as well as other detection mechanisms such as fingerprinting methods, which aim to uniquely identify a client or a user. So far, the Firefox tracking prevention is planned to be released by the end of January 2019 (Firefox version 65).

What you should take into consideration

  • Firefox has a market share of around 20% for desktop browsers and 2% for mobile browsers (Source: own analysis of our sister company ADITION)
  • Based on the total German Internet usage the upcoming Firefox tracking prevention will affect less then 10% of digital traffic

Firefox has announced similar steps several times in the past years but never released such update. Therefore, it is still uncertain if and how this update will happen.

What we are working on

Since Firefox has already announced several similar steps, we have already dealt with this topic in the past intensively. We have made operational preparations as well as took strategic measures.

We have never implemented systematics such as deep finger printing which are – according to the old data protection law and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – against applicable law and do not comply with our responsibility towards internet users but also our customers and partners.

Within The ADEX and our fellow subsidiaries an overarching taskforce is also intensively involved in evaluating the specific features of the announced Firefox update and is developing additional counteractions for the existing solutions in order to continue and guarantee the operation and the fullest possible functionality of our systems in the future.

In addition to our own developments such as probabilistic identification mechanisms, we are partnering with the European netID Foundation. The European netID Foundation was founded by ProSiebenSat1, United Internet and RTL Group in order to prepare for a future internet landscape which is no longer based on the use of 3rd party tracking methods (esp. cookies) can build.


Do you still have questions regarding the upcoming update? No problem! Just get in touch with us via or contact your account manager directly.