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Is Data Sales compliant with GDPR?

Application Security for the Media and Marketing Industry

We enable application security for our customers and partners. We wanted to ensure to provide our users of The ADEX Data Management Platform and The ADEX Marketplaces with powerful yet application secure data sharing & data sales. Therefore, we are the first European specialist in data management and marketplaces to have undergone a privacy assessment of our platform setup by independent experts and certification specialists.

What the Data Sales Appraisal is all about

The assessment centered on industry-typical data sharing applications between second and third party instances.

The question: Do the different use cases meet the requirements within data sharing & sales of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

The result: With regard to relevant platform setup criteria lawful data sharing, based on the legitimate interests of the partners involved, is justified (DSGVO Art. 6, para. 1).

Platform setup criteria can be described as followed (e.g.):

  • exclusive use of a German data center
  • special protection and security measures for data storage and retention
  • comprehensive transparency towards the media users in the data protection statements
  • transparent opt-out options

“Data Sharing is an essential step to maximize data intelligence for the media and marketing industry. Simultaneously it is important to save and use as few data of the consumers as possible,” said Dino Bongartz, CEO of The ADEX. “It is important to have legal certainty for all parties in order to be able to use the potential of data in a meaningful and beneficial way for all concerned. That is why we underwent the appraisal for data sharing & sales.”


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