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Preview 2019 by The ADEX

What 2019 will be all about

Finding the best strategy for a business always depends on the recent and upcoming development of the market and the resources that are available within a company. In this article we took some time to summarize what will happen in terms of data technology, MarTech, AI and within The ADEX in the next 12 months.

What will be the core topics in adtech?

We are quite convinced that the driving topics of 2018 will continue to lead the adtech market in 2019. That means data protection and the upcoming eprivacy regulation including the generation of user consent will be the most discussed topics. More alliances will pop up and they will continue to become stronger. A growing number of market participants will prepare for the upcoming eprivacy regulation. Other than that artificial intelligence and the automation of systems and processes will drive the market and many businesses.

How will the adtech landscape evolve?

We think the market will continue to consolidate and many US players will have problems in the EU, especially if the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. Until now, it is not clear how the UK will depart from the EU, but in terms of market access, financing and data protection there will be a huge shift for all, especially for companies which are based outside the EU. In addition to existing walled gardens, which will become even stronger, more full stack solutions will form in the market and drive consolidation.

Will there be further consolidation or alliances?

In our opinion the key will be the usability. Convenient solutions that are easy to understand and use will be the most successful at the end. This can only be achieved by creating big alliances that will have the lead in protecting user data and guaranteeing security. Most important, there have to be European alternative solutions to Facebook, Google and other walled gardens.

How will the market develop in terms of DMP, marketplace and verification?

We want to continue to be the market leader within Europe for these topics. Therefore, we will improve our products’ intelligence, efficiency, and automation. We will continue to work with relevant associations within the field of digital economics such as IAB or BVDW to actively create the market and its development to an even brighter future. Especially referring to the upcoming eprivacy regulation this work will have a huge impact.

How will The ADEX prepare for the upcoming eprivacy regulation?

We have always quickly adopted emerging topics in the market and will continue to do so. Our data management platform will be compliant with the upcoming eprivacy regulation (in compliance with its final form). We will go on in processing the user consent in the requested secure way. And most of all, we will enable targeting by being a part of alliances, so our partners and clients can still pursue their business models within the upcoming environment. We guarantee that all of the mentioned actions will respect data protection regulations for the individual user.

What are the core topics The ADEX wants to push?

We totally adopt the core topics of the adtech market which means we want to push automation and intelligent segmentation through algorithms. An important step we made in 2018 was to enable “Audience Extension” within The ADEX DMP to achieve this approach. In the near future the platform will give a total view on the data, but also automated suggestions on better performing target groups as well as fully automated segmentation based on KPIs. An outstanding AI will distinguish between good and excellent platforms – we will give our customers the leading-edge solution in the field of MarTech for 2019 and beyond.

Will there be major product updates within The ADEX? What can be expected?

In general, when working with agile development processes it is not useful to predict a release product roadmap. But what we can say so far is that there will be major highlights in the field of automation with intelligent processes of The ADEX Data Management Platform. We will present something stunning before the summer starts and we will release another “big thing” right before DMEXCO in 2019.

So, stay tuned and let us know if we can help you!


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