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The ADEX | Company

Recognized by CIOapplications magazine

Big Data solutions provider  2018

We have been recognized in the annual listing of companies providing big data solutions to help clients transform their business of 2018 created by CIO applications magazine.

CIO Applications Europe’s current edition focusses on big data space and aims to identify the emerging players in the market and showcase their expertise, products, services and solutions in solving impediments and overcoming market complexities. In the following you can get an idea of the Interview our CEO, Dino Bongartz, gave that will be linked at the end.


In 100 words

The Adex DMP is our solution for data management – the various ways of multi-client enabled system configuration combined with the nearly unlimited possibilities of data sharing always made us to one of the big players in the market. The Adex Marketplace is our data marketplace where clients can share, sell or buy other parties data. The Adex Verification is our solution for Audience Verification – a unique approach in the market to verify the targeted audience with actual anonymised user profiles tracked by the DMP – and Viewability Measurement where we offer more than 30 thresholds for individual campaign evaluation.


Our strengths & opportunities

In times of GDPR compared to our worldwide competitors it´s a strong benefit of The ADEX to be GDPR-complient since we started back then in 2013. Furthermore as an European company we prefer and ensure to safe data in our local datacentres, we do not use cloud services. The acquisition of the verification provider batch Media in 2017 also added some unique values to our DMP e.g. the integration of viewability as an attribute for segmentation or the aspect of audience verification. The various possibilities of data sharing to an enormous array of DSP´s, DMP´s, SSP´s,… within our multi-client capable system are also highly requested in the market. Last but not least we are the exclusive technical enabler of the European Opt-In-Alliance.


Our security approach

Data Privacy and Security is a huge topic for us. We have our own data center and hardware for storing client data and we control access to these data very closely. Exporting and using data is always secure and encrypted. Furthermore we fully rely on German data privacy and protection laws which are one of the toughest in the market worldwide and therefore offer the highest standards to our clients. Other than that we do have certificates of the relevant instances in the market e.g. eprivacy shield and IAB Europe OBA Framework and are keen to update them on a regular basis.


You can read the fully adjusted interview here