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Review 2018 by The ADEX

What 2018 was all about

The year 2018 has been the best year for The ADEX (so far) and we believe our strategy and consistent path have paid off. Especially regarding the ruling topic GDPR, we have been well prepared in terms of data protection and data security and saved our clients from descending into data chaos. Other than that, we released many new features that will change the game for us and our clients – thanks to all partners and customers for being on this journey with us!


The ADEX has been GDPR compliant since we started back in days. However, there were many uncertainties and communications for clarification with our customers and advertisers. Some of the main aspects can be described as followed:

  • Our systems for the processing of data are fully operational and functional even after 25th of May 2018 without a (cookie) opt-in.
  • The lawfulness of the relevant data collection and processing within the DMP, the Marketplace and the ad verification of The ADEX is ensured on either consent or when possible on the “legitimate interest” granted by the legislator (Article 6 EU-GDPR, paragraph 1, f)).
  • We have implemented all necessary steps for the timely fulfillment of the GDPR’s new accountability obligations, such as (personal) data processing agreements, procedural registers, etc.
  • We work with the IAB Europe´s Transparency & Consent Framework coupled with privacy-compliant legal security.

In addition, our comprehensive catalog of measures to fulfil the data regulations requirements provides further information and can be downloaded in the following: The ADEX catalog of measures

Many Thanks to Christoph Bauer and the eprivacy team for always supporting us!

Rebranding of The ADEX

The ADEX experienced the biggest rebranding in its history. Based on our acquisition of batch Media in October 2017 there was a huge need of an integrated communication, corporate identity and design for all 3 products.

Therefore, we did an internal poll to find the best matching archetype for The ADEX. We ended up creating a design based on “The Magician” which goal is to create something special to help customer transform their world, inspire change, expand consciousness and make dreams come true.

We are very proud of the outcome: A total rebranding of The ADEX that is now an umbrella term for specific fields related to MarTech including the brands:

Of course, we let our partners and customers participate in this success and throw a nice party. Find out more about our “The ADEX summer rebranding event” here.

Extension of Product Portfolio

As we did in every year since our foundation, we continued our way to extend, improve or recreate our products in 2018, too. Amongst some smaller updates such as the introduction of so-called release notes or campaign data visualization, we are proud to present three major updates:

  • Audience Extension: Is an approach of targeting users based on the analysis of their CRM, mobile or desktop data. Depending on this data, audience extension is increasing the reach of an audience by finding users that are similar to the original target group. User with similarities in data, behaviour, interest or geo are more likely to become customers in the future. Therefore Audience Extension is a great tool for digital companies to increase their marketing performance. Find out more here.
  • Audience Verification: Is the process of auditing the reached target group within a served campaign. The aim is to control the actually served group of people to its initially intended audience which was specified in the insertion order. Find out more here.
  • Contextual Keyword Targeting: Is based on contextual & sentiment analysis. The contextual evaluation contains e.g. automatic language detection and text analysis. Sentiment or emotional analysis is important to understand the general mood of a text including the core feelings of the respective content. Find out more here.


Are you interested in more information about our products The ADEX Data Management Platform, The ADEX Marketplace oder The ADEX Verification? Just get in touch with us or request a demo!