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The 6 core functions of a DMP

The 6 core functions of a data management platform

2018 | In the year of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the market experienced a huge uncertainty in terms what you can and should expect of a data management platform (DMP). This infographic will clarify what you can expect.

If you are looking for a general definition of a data management platform check out our news and articles which we update on a regular level.

What are the core functions of a DMP?

Every DMP whether it is The ADEX Data Management Platform or any other system in the market need to stick to the following functions:

  • Define & Collect | Collect from multiple sources all relevant data and big data volumes in a central system with a central user ID.
  • Enrich & Organize | Use standard taxonomy of the DMP or build up your own structure. Define relevant data to make use out of it.
  • Segment & Extend | Build segments across all devices to get the most integrated user experience. Enrich your data with 3rd party data for more details about your target audience
  • Activate | Connect to all relevant programmatic or CM-systems to sell, use or buy your data. Easy segment handling is a must for each DMP to give partners access to specific data segments.
  • Analyze | It is of significant importance to do audience analytics with external data. Therefore always keep in mind to include log level files or external data. Other that that never forget to export to business intelligence or client data warehouse, when needed.
  • Optimize | Begin to optimize segments and targeting settings. Also, don´t forget to manage target groups with the learnings of analytics.
  • Start again from the top.

For more visualized information check out our infographic here!

Keep in mind: The number of core functions might differ depending on which data management platform you use but I will always be a cycle. If you are still keen to learn more about data management platforms in general contact us directly or request a demo here.