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We did it – the relaunch is here!

Corporate Identity & Design

We are very proud to present our new corporate identity & design to the world by relaunching our website today. Our goal was to create a fully integrated experience of all of our products we developed over years or acquired by buying batch Media in September 2017. The reasonable and necessary adjustments we decided to do will be explained in the following.



As part of the integrated merger of all three products, we have opted for a comprehensive, integrated design, resulting in a new website as well as new marketing and office materials. The basis here is a uniform corporate identity & design.

Previously known domains of batch ( and Datanexx ( will be redirected to via an automated redirect. All product-related content will be found in an adapted form on the corresponding sub-pages you can find below.

For further information and presentations please get back to our marketing department or have a look at our press section that can be found here.



After careful consideration and intensive market research, we decided to discontinue the brand “batch”. Instead, all products of formerly known batch Media are now bundled under the trademark “The ADEX Verification”. The spectrum of features remains the same and even will be enhanced soon – be prepared.

  • More information can be found here

In addition, the “Datanexx” marketplace, which will experience a huge update within the upcoming months, will also be incorporated by name under the umbrella brand “The ADEX” and henceforth run as “The ADEX Marketplace”.

  • More information can be found here

Our core product – the already well-known DMP – is therefore also declared as “The ADEX Data Management Platform” and will continue to perform in its usual way combined with meaningful features of verification and marketplace.

  • More information can be found here

We are happy to answer any question you might have regarding our relaunch – feel free to contact us at