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The ADEX | Data Management Platform

Contextual Keyword Targeting

What is contextual keyword targeting?

Contextual keyword targeting is based on contextual & sentiment analysis. The contextual evaluation contains e.g. automatic language detection and text analysis. Sentiment or emotional analysis is important to understand the general mood of a text including the core feelings of the respective content.

The tracking of the mentioned hard and soft facts results into a scoring & weighting process. Therefore, deep learning algorithms extract contextual keywords, entities, categories, IAB taxonomy and more. Upcoming evaluations will participate of this machine learning technology and improve future analysis.

For a DMP this can generate interesting insights about the user and the specific piece of content as well. The matching of the both factors can result into relevant learnings such as creating specific keywords for certain target groups (keyword segmentation).

Depending on in which countries you are operating in, it is important to clarify which languages are supported by the respective system. At the moment The ADEX contextual keyword targeting is available in the following languages: German, English, French, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Hungarian, Czech, Hindu, Chinese, Polish.

  •             Keep in mind: Always check the supported languages of the respective tool.

2 Business cases for contextual keyword targeting

Business Case: Contextual advertising & brand safety

The publisher can provide contextual information about the content environment to fulfill brand safety criteria for an advertiser.

Business Case: Content Recommendation

Full control: Integrate your own contextual keyword based content recommendation to increase user retention and page views or to drive the monetization. The publisher doesn´t rely on 3rd party solutions anymore.

Why we decided to implement and improve contextual keyword targeting

“In times of DSGVO and eprivacy, text processing, keyword and contextual targeting are becoming more important again. We want to give our customers possibilities based on machine learning technologies that go far beyond the current market standards. Our algorithms combine content analysis of webpages and their focusing keywords with user analysis with referring cookies. The results are outstanding insights and unique targeting possibilities.”

Dino Bongartz