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Verification with a Holistic Approach

Trust but Verify

The ADEX Verification is our solution for protecting your digital ad spent in terms of viewability of your ad delivery, reach within the targeted audience and protecting your brand from ad misplacements.


The basis for our evaluations is the so-called "audit". The tool is a must-have for fraud detection and other standard ad verification services defined by the IAB. The feature reports content environments, the locations of users at regional and international level and dubious, non-human impressions.

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Fraud prevention and individual brand safety settings can be conducted by the „blocking“ feature which is can be used for „pre bid blocking“ and „post bid blocking“. In combination both methods will provide ultimate protection for your digital advertising campaigns - including responsible media purchase.


The "viewability" feature is a basic tracking and evaluation option, which will give you deep insights about the viewability of your digital advertising campaigns in real time. We track more than 30 thresholds for each ad placement to give you the most holistic report based on your individual approach to campaigning.

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Audience Verification

Another feature of our solution is the verification of the targeted audience in terms of demographics, sociographics or other characteristics of the addressed users and the quantitative and qualitative information about type, frequency and extent of possible deviations that might have occurred.

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Currently, we use The ADEX as Agency DMP to segment large volumes of data for our advertisers in a reasonable and targeted manner. We see The ADEX as a very well-positioned partner that meets our needs with regards to complexity and customer service. The agile and flexible way of working makes The ADEX a great fit for the esome Meta-DSP. The ADEX, keep it up!

Manuel König
Chief Strategy Officer, esome advertising technologies GmbH

"The ADEX Verification solution gives us meaningful results in the performance of selected campaigns. In addition, The ADEX provides detailed and individual advice on product and market-specific features."

Rasmus Giese
CEO, United Internet Media

"We have been successfully using the DMP from The ADEX since 2015: Thanks to the easy-to-use front end, we can segment our users quickly and easily at any time and thus respond individually to the targeting needs of our advertising customers."

Dr. Jonas Rumpf
Senior Manager Data Strategy,

"We regard The ADEX as a very reliable technology service provider, which was one of the first to adjust to local verification specifics. The quality of the support as well as the depth of detail of the evaluation possibilities make the cooperation very pleasant and constructive."

Judith Linz
Online Marketing Manager, Burda Interactive

The ADEX is essential in our tech stack which for us reflects an important alternative to the US-American players. In this regard we see a major advantage in the qualitative and economic transparency, the maximum control, its possibilities in data driven web, inApp and AddressableTV targeting, as well as the outstanding fact of meeting the requirements of GDPR since the very beginning."

Michael Walch
Director Data (DMP), SevenOne/ Pro7Sat1

I think that you are doing a really great job and even without specific consultation with the team I can speak for them, too. Respect! We look forward doing business with you since a great client service is of significant importance to make our business successful.

Jörg Junige
CEO, Advertising Alliance GmbH

In The ADEX we see a trustworthy customer due to our long-term cooperation. We are pleased that The ADEX is demonstrating its exemplary implementation of data protection with our "ePrivacyseal" seal.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Bauer
Geschäftsführer, ePrivacy GmbH

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