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Audience Verification

A guideline about Audience Verification

Before we start to explain what “to do or not to do” when it comes to audience verification, we have to make clear that everyone knows what we are talking about.

A definition

Audience verification is the process of auditing the reached target group within a served campaign. The aim is to control the actually served group of people to its initially intended audience which was specified in the insertion order.

The accuracy to the targeted profiles is of fundamental within personalized digital marketing. However, this is very often not the case. Reasons can be mistakes within the campaign setup, incorrect technical tracking or deliberate fraud.

Audience verification provider will check the audience profiles against a cookie database of a 3rd party data supplier to measure the respective target group. In most cases the control group is offered by online panel provider.

  • Keep in mind: The control group provider and the initial targeting audience have to differ.

You can verify a huge range of aspects within the fields of demographics, geographics, technographics or psychographics. Always check beforehand what the respective audience verification provider can cover.

Now that we learned what audience verification is all about, it is time to get some practical tips.


– The age distribution of the panel is too old (e.g. to many people with the age 50+)

– A panel may not cover age classes that are younger than 18 years old (minimum age)

Heavy usage of a specific panel group is not considered/ excluded.

– The panel just offers “in browser” verification – mobile might not be representative

– The panel does not offer in app verification.

– The setup for in app verification via SDK integration and IDFA transfer is to complex.

– Check your audience against a panel that has not enough cases related to the campaign duration.


  • Use an audience verification provider that offers a database with a representative volume of people compared to the entire population.
  • Use audience verification to ensure your marketing goals. This might sound simple but the current market situation proves the opposite.
  • Check the size of the panel you want to use. It should consist all relevant groups of people.


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