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The ADEX | Verification


The core feature for monitoring: The Audit

The audit is one of the core features of The ADEX Verification and builds the basis for our evaluations. It is needed for a holistic ad verification solution and therefore a must-have for topics like fraud detection & prevention, brand safety and viewability.

An Overview about the Audit

  • Crawler-based collection of served domains
  • Comparison of the environment with our domain database & evaluation of the brand safety using traffic light colors
  • Geo location information on a regional and international level
  • Detecting impressions & clicks from untrustworthy, non-human sources

In detail

In the first step, the audit tracks the delivery of the digital campaign in its entirety. Factors such as advertising environment, geographical focus or browser information will be collected and transferred into our standard reports.

In the second step, we analyze all the respective pages and subpages according to their general suitability as a promotional environment. This is done by our own algorithms based on the information gathered by the crawler.

The categorization of crawled domains is done according to German and European cultural and social understanding including the respective legal regulations. For each domain there is a rough (traffic lights) and a detailed (content categories such as “fashion”, “adult” & “sports”) assignment.

The Tracking

The implementation of our java script snippet is mandatory for each kind of data collection that refers to the audit. This data is the base for our domain database. It combines the expertise of our partners with the results of our crawlers & algorithms as well as the research of our data management team consisting of trained native speakers for the country-specific classification of domains. Depending on their relevance there are constant re-evaluations.

During tracking, our audit registers a variety of factors that indicate fraudulent activity. The integrated fraud detection primarily records impressions that were generated by a non-human user or can be identified as other invalid traffic.


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